Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ginger Pork

My friend Tomoko taught me how to make this and this is the recipe she gave me. We love it but if it is too salty for you add less soy sauce.


Thin-cut pork 1lb
ginger (grated) tsp 1-3 w/juice
soy sauce tbsp 3
saki tbsp 2

1. Marinate pork with grated ginger, soy sauce and saki and leave for at least half and hour. (I mixed ginger, soy sauce and saki in a bowl and then poured over pork and put in refrigerator for a couple of hours in a zip lock bag).
2. Heat pan, put vegetable oil, when it gets warm enough, place the pork.
3. When one side is cooked, flip the pork, after a while pour the marinate juice in, cover with lid, cook until done.

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